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Repair of fiberglass pools

Turn your plastic pool in to the concrete bowl with  Pebble Tec natural oceanic quartzite finish at a special price, in just 14 days.

What do we offer?

Breathing new life into your pool, and again arouse your interest in pool and useful  kind of sport like swimming.

There is no need to dig up your old and ugly pool. We knit reinforcement directly in the form of your pool. We reserve your pipes and communication, there is no need to break the terrace around the pool. We just reinstall the fitting pieces so that they looked harmoniously in your new swimming pool.


Using shotcrete concrete technology (sprayed concrete layer just 10cm), after all the preparatory work, all for one day you will get a concrete bowl with a guarantee of 50 years.

The next stage of work will be the application of the topcoat PebbleTec natural oceanic and marine quartzites. Thanks to our exclusive material you will be able to move a piece of the sea to your site. Also, different color variations of our material will help you to choose the color of the water in the swimming pool that will be the most harmonious look at your site.

Contact our managers for detailed consultation and more detailed information on this and other promotional offers of our company.