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The process of construction of pools rather complicated and energy-intensive.

In this charter , we will show you not only how we build swimming pools but also to explain how to make this process as simple as possible for you.

If you're here, it means that you have a desire to build a swimming pool, and not just a pool it should be an artwork.

Now you should  be determined with the functions that your pool must perform (swimming,  games, kids pool or SPA). Further, depending on the functions we  will choose the shape of the pool and location on your area.  After a while when the shape and location are selected,  we can proceed to the selection of equipment needed for cleaning and disinfection of water in the pool. Next, choose the color of the water and finishing material of the pool (This you can do at our site in the link attached) Then agree on the estimate and the terms and proceed directly to the construction.

In the video below we show the whole pool construction cycle with technologies that  we use.


So what we just saw in the video.

1) The concrete spraying technology - Gunite

  In particular, the construction technology of  bowl basin includes formless method,  use of reinforcement  and special concrete, which has a unique formula and supplements (this concrete formula was used in the construction of a tunnel under the English Channel) and the special method of pouring concrete - gunning. The result is a monolithic concrete bowl, without joints, and  highest strength properties and is resistant to weather conditions. The main advantage for the customer is the speed of construction  and drying the bowl. Thanks to technology and the speed of shotcrete finishing, swimming pool under construction for 21 days, whereas standard techniques provide for pouring concrete bowls and finish within two months.


2) Finish the pool with natural stone. 

Stone pools technology is widely used in European countries and leaves out the traditional methods of pool finishes, due to its high reliability, aesthetic appearance and speed of application. This technology has been developed and was first introduced over 20 years ago in Australia, occupying today a leading position in the European and American market. The essence Stone pools technology is the use of stones and crystals of natural origin, which are held together with a special solution of white cement and resins.

Depending on the applied coating materials Stone pools has two main directions:

Stone Tec - this coating which uses specially selected sea pebbles and seashells that fills most of your pool's natural beauty.

1) Arctic White


2) Sandy Beach


3) Golden Paradise


4) Jade


5) Blackl Pearl


Stone plast - coating, which uses a small stone, filling the swimming pool effect a smooth, sandy, sea bottom.

1) Light blue 


2) Dark Grey


3) Installing and testing the filtering system and circulation of the pool

Installig and testing equipment - one of the most important stages of the pool construction , which determines how your pool will meet the requirements.


Our specialsts will provide best services for you. We will order and instal any kind of equipment for you.


4) Cover for your pool

Stonepools offers you the entire range of available coverings for swimming pools

1) Solar film

2) Winter covers Shield, Loop loc, Del, poolprotect.

3) Rolet covers Del and Poolprotect.

4) Pavilion for pool ( Albion , Meredian, nimbus, koronapool)