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Conservation and maintenance of swimming pools held by our experts using professional tools and tools from leading manufacturers.

Swimming pool service

For stable operation of pool, which does not require frequent repairs, it is necessary to conduct such operations on a regular basis:

cleaning pool,

disinfection of water,

level control with Ph,

timely conservation pool.

Pool conservation

It is widely known that the winter outdoor pools without water to leave in any case is not recommended - there is a good chance to get the bursting of the bowl the pool, which did not stand the pressure of the frozen ground. In this pre-prepared water in the pool for the winter special technical measures and process chemicals. This makes it possible to avoid the formation of algae cells and the formation of salt deposits on the pool walls.

  In the images you can see the correct conservation of pool:

No conservation


Correct conservation 

Incorrect conservation 

           Pool conservation can be carried out independently, but it is better to entrust it to professionals.



Company Stone pools provides all services related to the maintenance of swimming pools. We provide expertise and analysis of water, cleaning the pool, check the water filter system, check the electrical elements of the pool, as well as conservation of the basin.

We provide the selection and installation of the necessary equipment for your pool, is replacing outdated equipment more efficient and modern.

Our staff use only innovative technologies for water purification and bowls basins using the latest generation cleansing technique, which is a guarantee of high quality of work done.

Pool maintenance is carried out in a planned manner, as well as by the customer.