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Stone pools


Natural stone pools

Stone pools technology is widely used in European countries and leaves out the traditional methods of pool finishes, due to its high reliability, aesthetic appearance and speed of application. This technology has been developed and was first introduced over 20 years ago in Australia, occupying today a leading position in the European and American market. The essence Stone pools technology is the use of stones and crystals of natural origin, which are held together with a special solution of white cement and resins.

In fact, you get not just a pool, you get the piece of seaside at home.


Depending on the applied coating materials Stone pools has two main directions:

Stone Tec - this coating which uses specially selected sea pebbles and seashells that fills most of your pool's natural beauty.

1) Arctic White


2) Sandy Beach


3) Golden Paradise


4) Jade


5) Black Pearl


Stone plast - coating, which uses a small stone, filling the swimming pool effect a smooth, sandy, sea bottom.

1) Light blue


2) Dark Grey



We also offer you to look whiling away the video how to use our technology in just  1 week to completely transform not only your pool and your area or interior as a whole.


PHOTO & VIDEO (process of applying, smoothing and cleaning material)


Professionals working in the Stone pools company quickly and efficiently perform the work of any complexity for you to have a swimming pool of your dreams, and receive another satisfied customer.

You can also read the reviews of our customers and use our attachment for creating your dream pool or calculate the swimming pools cost online.

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